Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BL Barnes and Noble Style...Week one recap.

  So as I mentioned in my last post I joined the Biggest loser competition at my job.  Not that I have all that much weight I want to lose but if I could drop about 30lbs I would be perfectly content.  Anyway during week one I dealt with a LOT of family stress.  Normally my reaction to stress is to eat...and although I struggled in that area quite a bit (cause lets face it...I'm human)...I was able to also turn to other things...besides food...to blow of steam.  Infact I renewed my passion for being outside this week by every day getting out of the house and running or walking.  Turns out...between that hour of working out a day and a full work day through out the week... I was able to pull off a three pound weight loss for the week.  Now onto week two...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And so it begins!

  Alright people... so in an effort to truly get myself back on track I went ahead and joined the Biggest Loser Contest we are having at my job.  Sadly I was so excited by the idea that I went buck wild crazy with running a working out this weekend that I somehow lost 7.5lbs from saturday to monday (unfortunate only because monday was the official beginning of the competition.).  Honestly though I'm not in this to win the money, it's more about motivation...for myself and my co-workers.  So here's to a great competition..heer heer =)