Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BL Barnes and Noble Style...Week one recap.

  So as I mentioned in my last post I joined the Biggest loser competition at my job.  Not that I have all that much weight I want to lose but if I could drop about 30lbs I would be perfectly content.  Anyway during week one I dealt with a LOT of family stress.  Normally my reaction to stress is to eat...and although I struggled in that area quite a bit (cause lets face it...I'm human)...I was able to also turn to other things...besides food...to blow of steam.  Infact I renewed my passion for being outside this week by every day getting out of the house and running or walking.  Turns out...between that hour of working out a day and a full work day through out the week... I was able to pull off a three pound weight loss for the week.  Now onto week two...

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