Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cause It's Not Always Black and White....

  As a Christian I keep expecting that I am suppose to just know the will of God....not just His desire for the world and all creation, but how I exactly fit into that plan.  Yet the more I pray about it, the more discouraged I become because I don't seem to be finding answers beyond "Love God and Love people".  People keep asking me things like, is God calling you to this, or is this where you sense God is leading you....and honestly I don't KNOW any of that for sure.  All I know is I want to honor God and I don't think it's suppose to be THIS complicated.  So why is it?
  Over the past two weeks we've been talking about decision making and the will of God at church....pretty much the perfect topic  for this moment of time in my life.  Yet the conclusions that I seem to be coming to from our sermons leave me feeling both comforted and discomforted all at the same time. It's like a pressure has been lifted off my shoulder while I feel even more lost in this fish bowl of faith!
  I don't think God wants me to waste time sitting around while I figure this all out.  In fact I think that sort of complacency only pleases the devil....who would like nothing more than for me to sit around to afraid to move until I know everything for sure.  So, for now I step forward....trusting God to work through my willingness and protecting me from my own stupidity.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cause Sometimes it Helps to Remember...

  I use to write poetry all the time...I use to believe that somehow my words could touch another persons heart.  And day...I stopped.  I'm not really sure why.  It all just sort of became this "silly thing" I didn't want to be known for anymore.  So I packed up my poems and never looked back....until the other day.  
  I've been working on cleaning out a back bedroom at my parents house and the other day I found a box in there full of old journals.  In that box...stuffed to the side and pretty tattered was my book of poems.  I'm in such a different place now then I was when I wrote most of them....but as I read through them I  realised, I miss writing like that....I miss how easily it all use to flow out for me.  Who knows, maybe I'll start writing them again....but for now...enjoy this oldie but goodie....

Quite, alone and in ignorance I stand
Behind all the glamour of wealthier man
Here for a party with nothing to give
Except for the sacrifice of the life I now live

And those all around me are dressed for the King
A white flowing dress and a pure diamond ring
And I in the back in my rags of disgrace
In the shadows I abide feeling so out of place

In walks the Lord in all of His might
Sitting on the the throne with His son on the right
And He looks around the room with love in His eyes
His heart of compassion He does not disguise

And glancing beyond all the piles of man
He points out His finger, stretches out His hand
And He leans into his son with tears as He cries
"Bring me the one whom in the shadow abides"

The Son in obedience stands to His feet
And begins to walk out to the strum of God's beat
He passes by those who are dressed in the purest of white
He's set on his mission, not straying to left or to right

He comes into my world where evil men are all around
He's beaten and scarred, yet still He makes not one sound
He's hung on the cross and for me He does die
While I in my corner can only sit there and cry

Sent from the throne room to here just for me
Paying the debt meant to set this captive free
It's for me He is suffering, He's bearing my sin
But three days later He rises and my soul He does win

And wearing the marks of mails and a pierced side
He walks from His grave and comes to where I hide
And He stands there beside me and holds out His hand
I'm weeping so hard I cannot even stand

Then ever so gently He helps me to my feet
Notifying me I'm the one the King wants to meet
And holding my hand He begins to lead the way
Saying, "You're going to meet the King this very day"

Then all of a sudden my head fills with fear
If I'm going to the King these rags I cannot wear
To a God whose so holy, so good and so true
I can't look like this, what will I do

We are getting closer now, but I can't turn away
For I've waited my whole life for this very day
So I grab the Son's hand even tighter than before
As we come to the throne room, about to pass through the door

And as we enter the throne room I look all around
I see men dressed as angels with their heads to the ground
But these are not men with rich gifts for the King
They're glorious angels and to God they worship and sing

As we comes to His throne I too fall on my face
Oh God I'm not worthy to stand in this place
I think of my rags full of the dirt of my sin
And how He sent Christ for my soul to win

Then ever so slowly I lift up my head
Ready to face the moment I love and yet dread
And that's when I notice my rags have turned white
I look to Christ whose blood has made me clean in God's sight

Then I shift my eyes from Christ to the King
My mouth full of praises to Him I want to sing
And tears fill my eyes and stream down my face
Oh such love, such mercy, such grace.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cause Sometimes We All Need to Hear it Like it Is...

  This past week was a pretty overwhelming week for me. For one, I over committed myself and had no me time…which for an introvert is pretty much setting yourself up for failure.  And then I had a lot I needed to think through and pray about…which doesn’t really happen  when you’re just moving from one activity to the next to the next.  Plus I do this thing when I’m busy where I stop giving my best to things and just focus on getting  through them… then I get mad because things aren’t turning out as I want, because I’m not giving enough to them…and then I start to feel like I suck at everything.  Before I know it I spiral down into this sense of despair and become depressed…and then I beat myself up even more for feeling that way!  After that I try to cover it all up so nobody will know and think less of me…but then I feel all alone, so I become even more depressed and hopeless…..and the hole just gets deeper and deeper and deeper!  NO BUENO (see my Spanish lessons are starting to rub off on me)!
   Luckily last night I started to climb my way out…thanks to the study some of us are doing at my church on the book “The Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyers (Side Note:  I’ve known of Joyce Meyers for years but never really paid attention to her because I figured she was just like all those other big time preachers who get wrapped up in making money instead of carrying out God’s message and bringing glory to Him.  Turns out, she actually does have a lot of wisdom….and clearly I miss judged her). 
  Then this morning I was standing in service during worship and it was like God spoke to me these words, “Just so you know, I never called you to be God”.  Now frankly, I’m not really big on the whole “God spoke to me” thing.  I believe God can speak to people…and He can speak to me….but it’s always weird when it happens because it’s not like you can hear his audible voice!  Yet something inside of me (call it the spirit If you want) clearly spoke those words to my heart…and it shocked me.
  To be honest….I act like I’m God a lot.  It’s not like its intentional or anything… I just like to make sure everyone is happy, feels accepted, has everything they need, etc….  So I go out of my way to give… serve …be…. whatever is needed so they can have that.  And just so you don’t think I’m some sort of saint, my motives aren’t always pure…in fact sometimes I do all this for others because a part of me believes that somehow in doing so I’ll receive the same things myself.  So I work my butt off…trying to do everything…be everything…save everyone…control everything…basically be God!  And it’s overwhelming!
  Today in service when I felt like God was speaking  to me, it was like a slap in the face….not a b*tch slap, or an angry mamma slap, but more of a snap-out-of-it kind of slap you’d give someone whose going into shock!  It’s like God was saying, “look I’m God…you’re not.  So stop trying to control everything.  Stop trying to make everything work out and be just right.  Stop trying to make the world spin.  The weight of the world was never meant to be carried on your shoulder and I never asked you to carry it! So stop!”.  And it wasn’t said judgmentally or anything…more in kind of a tough love sense…telling me what I needed to hear whether I wanted to hear it or not! 
  God’s like that…..He knows what I need, when I need it and how I will best be able to receive it in any particular moment or situation!  It’s kind of amazing…okay more than kind of!  Anyway,  I would be lying if I told you now everything is perfect…cause let’s face it life is not a sitcom where everything gets resolved by the end of the show.  But I did some repenting…and venting…and journaling…and honestly, I feel better…like my burden has been lifted or lightened.  Hum…I guess that’s what it’s supposed to feel like when you actually let God be God!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Cause Sometimes Straw Breaks the Camels Back....

  Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you completely over react to one situation because your caught up in a completely different situation?  For example, have you ever been rude to someone who is actually being nice to you because some body else pissed you off?  Or have you ever started crying over a silly little comment said in passing because your already feeling sensitive about another comment that was made by somebody else?!  Yes?....Well then you'll understand how I was feeling this evening.
  Tonight we ordered Chinese food for dinner.  I was excited because I had been craving sweet and sour pork for a while and couldn't wait to dip my pork in that yummy red sauce.  Well when dinner arrived I pulled everything out of our take out bag and guess what was missing?!?  Yep!  You guessed it.  My sweet and sour sauce!  At first I thought, "Well maybe I made a mistake and ordered something different than I thought".  So I asked my dad about it.....nope, not my mistake.  The only mistake that was made was his, when he didn't check the bag and make sure everything was in it before leaving the restaurant.  I wanted to cry!  In fact, tears welled up so strongly behind my eyes that it took everything in my power not to bust out weeping over something as silly as sweet and sour, red sauce.  My father felt horrible!  I felt ridiculous!
  The reality is....I'm not that sensitive about my Chinese food.  In fact on any other night I just would have just used the barbecue sauce my father offered me as an apology (which is normally my favorite condiment for everything!) and been done with it.  But....I was already upset.  I had a disagreement with my sister about a half hour before dinner and I was still pretty annoyed.  I kept replaying my conversation with her over in my head....saying all the things I would have said if I thought quicker on my feet (Isn't it awesome how you never lose an argument when you play it back in your mind after the fact)!  The sauce was just....the straw that broke the camels back!
  Part of my problem is that I've never been very good at expressing my emotions.  I usually keep everything so bottled up that eventually I become a soda can that's been left in the freezer for two long......eventually it explodes (in case you didn't know)!  Clearly I know how unhealthy this kind of behavior least I know it in my head...which doesn't really help because then it only makes me feel worse about myself.  I need to get better at telling people how I being honest with them from the get go.... and not letting things fester.  I need to learn to just be myself and not be afraid of what people will think.  And I need to learn how to handle my own heart with the same amount of care that I use to handle others. 
  Who knew sweet and sour sauce could help a person see so much about themselves!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cause Sometimes Sharing my Inspiration means Sharing the words of Others...

  This past week I've had a really hard time blogging....I'm not really sure what my problem has been but....I just can't seem to find my words.....and it's annoying.  So instead of blogging... I've done the next best lots and lots of other people's blogs!  And since there is so much good stuff out there....which kind of makes me a little jealous...I thought, maybe I should share some of it with everyone else!  So taking a cue from some of my favorite's what I've been reading lately....(in no particular order)....

My Favorite Collaborative effort of blogging: The Help Now Haiti Bloggers 
  This past week a group of bloggers (many of whom I already followed) and storytellers went down to Haiti to tell the story of the orphans who live there and the people working with them.  The past few days I have been completely enthralled by their stories.  I've laughed...I've cried...I've prayed....and I've travelled along with these bloggers has they've experienced a world of love.. and loss.. and growth... and struggle... and hope... and hurt... and God.   My hearts been broken open once again with awareness and longing and a belief in God.  You can read more here

My Favorite New Find: Ragamuffin Soul
  I'm not sure when exactly but recently someone shared one of Carlos Whittaker's blog posts with me and I've pretty much latched onto it ever since. For me it's the perfect mix of long, short, video, picture, and writings ...with meaning....that I've ever found.  And for my ADD mind it's perfect.  Check Him out at

My Favorite "This is what I needed hear" blogger of the week: Shawn Smucker
  For some reason I feel like I've been struggling a lot this week and for no good reason.  I feel like God is moving in my heart and in my life....I feel like I am growing and being stretched....I feel like I am in the palm of God's hand (although to be honest it sometimes feels like I'm in a fishbowl which God is holding in the palm of His hand)....but still I struggle....and I become anxious...and at times I stress.  And then I open up Shawn's blog and read posts like "The most Ridiculous Virtue" and 'Pinky Promises and Tethering Trust" and I'm remind...God loves me and I'm not alone!  You can read more of his stuff at

My Favorite "I just need a good laugh" blog: Matthew Paul Turner
  Let's face it...sometimes we Christians just need to laugh...and sometimes we just need to ourselves.  Matthew Paul tends to post a lot of things that make me do both.  And while he certainly posts his share of seriousness, I have to admit it's the "No Luke, I am your father" pictures that really get me going.  See what I mean at

My Favorite Wednesday Read: Stuff Christians Like
  I'll be honest....I first started reading Jon Acuff's blog for the humor.  Like Matthew Paul Turner, his posts usually just make me laugh at the silly things we Christians do.  But favorite day is Wednesday when Jon posts his "Serious Wednesdays".  There's something about the mix of humor, honesty, story telling and god honest truth that draws me in time and time again.  Check out what I mean here: (notice this is a link to the whole blog not just this weeks serious Wednesday because quite honestly the whole thing is worth sharing).

My Favorite "These stories are just as good the 2nd time around blog: America's Next Top Mommy
  Alright, so maybe this is  a shameless plug for an awesome friend, but it's also truth...I love these stories and the God truth's she draws out of her normal every day life!  I am proud to call this woman my friend....I'm grateful that she allows me to tag along and be her partner in crime...and I'm glad that I get the inside scoop of her upcoming blog posts cause it gives me something to look forward too!  Read her words and wisdom at

And Because I found a lot of these blogs by reading Rachel Held Evans blog (, you should check her out too!

Who knows maybe I'll share more next week....but for now this should give you all plenty to read...I know it's kept me busy!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cause it's Time to Climb in His Lap...

  I taught Sunday School today.  I love teaching Sunday school.  I forgot that!  This summer I took time away from teaching my class.  I was heading to Ecuador and thought I needed the time to prepare for the trip by actually being in service all the I asked for time off.  It seemed like the right choice at the time....but today, sitting on the floor surrounded by nine 4 year olds who were pressing themselves in, listening to me ....and in some cases helping me....tell the story of Daniel in the Lion's den, I couldn't help but realized how much I missed this!  Jesus said, "Let the children come to me" and moments like today...I feel like I'm leading them into His presence...teaching them to climb up on His lap....allowing them to be surrounded by the love of the Father.  I know that sounds ridiculously cheesy...but it's true! I wonder if that's how God feels when we as adults choose to come into His presence.  He beckons us....calls us...and draws us to Himself....and when we get lost pressing into Him, listening to His words...I wonder if He's thinking...I LOVE this!  I believe He does....and tonight I'm resting in His arms.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cause Movies Have a Lot to Teach Me...

  So last night I made the unfortunate (....well possibly...) decision to drink an espresso at 9 o'clock at night. And  To be honest, while I love coffee and drink it like it's water pretty much every day of my life.... that was one pretty STRONG espresso and thus I could not fall asleep for hours!  So what's a girl to do on a Friday night when she can't fall asleep and she's not really into the party scene?!?!  Well...enter Netflix...God's gift to people like me, whose friends are all busy and who can't remember to return movies to the Redbox!  I ended up finding a documentary on there (yes, I'm a dork!) called "One Nation Under God", about these 4 college age guys who traveled around the country asking people questions about faith, like....what happens when you die?  How do you get to heaven?  What do you think of Christians?
  It wasn't my favorite movie (although I did go on to watch their second movie of the same concept which takes place in I had to have liked something about it)....yet there were two things that really stuck out to me from it.  One...when they asked non-Christians what they thought of Christians the general consensus was that Christians are judgemental and hypocritical.  And Two...when they asked Christians what it meant to be a Christian the most common answers believe in be a good person...and to live out God's calling on your life.  This makes me SAD....very, very S-A-D!
  For one thing, what the non-Christians were saying about Christians is pretty true...we are judgemental AND hypocritical...and it's bad!  But I don't necessarily think that this is a "Christian" problem as much as a "Human" least when it comes to being judgemental.  EVERYONE is judgemental.....we all view life through our own experiences, ideas, and beliefs and when people don't line up with what we think, we judge.  That's why there's so much peer pressure in the world....we all are trying to "fit" into each others viewpoint of life in order to feel accepted.  It happens whether your a Christian or not!  But I think where we Christians go wrong is we act so freakin we have all the answers, never do anything wrong, and have the corner on the market of holiness!  What a load of crap!!  Jesus Himself said it's the sick who need a doctor not the if the church is claiming to be well, have we stopped clinging to Jesus?!?!  What is even worse though, is that after putting on our acts of perfection, we condemn others for not living up to the standard that we ourselves struggle to keep!  No wonder we are called Hypocrites! 
  And then I think about what the Christians in this movie were saying about what it means to be a Christian....that it's to believe in God, be a good person, and live out God's calling on your life....and while it all sounds so "nice", I feel like we are missing the truth.  When I was 14 I said the sinners prayer and believed in God....but you know what?!?!  It had no real impact on my life!  I was just like the demons who believe in God but don't serve Him!  And while being a good person is a great ideal....that doesn't make you anymore of a Christian than going to church every Sunday would!  I know lots of people who are REALLY GREAT people.....they are self-less and giving...and you know what?!?!  They aren't Christians!  And finally, this whole concept of  waiting on God's calling for your life and then going to live it out, just annoys me because....He's ALREADY told us what to do in His WORD!  Open your Bible and you will see time and time again God saying things like "Go and make disciples", "Love your neighbor as yourself", "Feed the Hungry", "Visit the Orphan", etc!  We could spend our whole lives living out all He's already called us to live out in those words and never run out of things to do!  And I know we all have different gifts, abilities, influences, etc....and thus these things may look different lived out in each of our lives...but figuring out your HOW should not be your excuse not to DO, now!
  And I know I am going full throttle here.....laying it all on the table...and punching you in the gut....but take heart because I'm speaking to myself here too!  It would be so easy to just point my finger at everyone else...even the church (which by God's help I'm learning to truly love)...but that would make me even more of a hypocrite...and the reality is ...I can really only point my finger at myself!  I am not perfect....and in trying to figure out my HOW of living out this Christian life, I often make mistakes, hurt people, disgrace my faith,  and end up finding myself in need of repentance.   I don't have my act together...BUT I love Jesus with every fiber of my being...and in turn that means I must LOVE the world!  Isn't that what Jesus said...."They will know you are my disciples by your LOVE for one another"?!?!  Sometimes I make judgements, sometimes I act hypocritical, sometimes I get lost in just being good and putting on a good Christian show....but that is not what i want to be KNOWN for!  I want to be known by the LOVE of God for my LOVE for Him...and for how I LOVE the world!  And movies like this one remind me once again of that fact! Thank God and AMEN!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Cause We all Have Blackwidow Moments...

  When I was a little girl, every summer we would take a trip as a family up to this local amusement park.  We would start off the day on the music express, then make our way over to the sea horse, and then when the big kids (keep in mind I am ten years younger then my youngest older sister) went on "big kid rides", I would venture over to the Thunderbolt with one of my parents.  I loved that roller little rickety...and with a first drop that, as a kid, made me feel like I was eating my stomach.  But as I got older the thunderbolt became less and less exciting to me and eventually I set my eyes on a new ride... the Blackwidow! 
   The Blackwidow was a Big Kid roller coaster ride that went forward and backward, while also flipping you upside down in a loop!  I couldn't wait to be tall enough to get on that ride!!!  And finally the day came when I was able to get on it!  I remember getting in line with one of my sister...and being so excited... right up until we got to the front of the line....then... I almost crapped my pants!  What was I thinking??!?!  This ride was SCARY!!!  I wanted to get out of line immediately...I wanted to use the chicken exit...I wanted to fake sick so we could all just go home!  But I was a BIG KID now... and so I knew I had to get on!   So... I did.  I climbed into my seat, got my safety harness on, and then... proceeded to S-C-R-E-A-M my head off for the entire ride...forward and backward!!!  You would have thought I hated it!  I didn't though!!  In fact...the second I got off I wanted to do it again...and again...and again...cause it was AWESOME!
  Sometimes I think my steps of faith are just like that ride!  God gives me an opportunity to serve and at first I am so excited about it....but then as it gets closer and I freak out thinking...never mind...just kidding God...I don't really want this!  But deep down I know I do want it...I want to step out in God...I want to put my full trust in Him...I want Him to have His way in me!  So I go for it...and I do it!  And in the end it always turns out awesome....and I find myself wanting to do it again and again!  It's that Blackwidow moment all over again!
  Even as I look back on this past week, I can't help but chuckle as I think...Yep...there they are... blackwidow moments !  For example, every other Tuesday I go to a prayer meeting at my church.  When I left work a month ago I very clearly felt like God was saying that this was a time for me to "Seek and Serve" Him.  So a prayer meeting seemed like a perfect fit! I've gone a few times now though, and I always run into the same's awkward and uncomfortable and....well, they kind of expect you to pray out loud...which is SO SCARY for me!  So what happens is every Tuesday, I'll go back and forth in my mind about whether or not to go....wanting to chicken out, but knowing I have to at least try.  So, I go...and I pray...and I leave thinking THIS is what it's like to be the body of stand together...united in Him!  And I find myself Glad I went and excited to come back next time! I've had a Blackwidow moment!
  Or there's also Wednesdays afternoons, where each week my friend Alicia and I go and volunteer our time at the food pantry.  If you hear me talk about it I usually say that Wednesday is my favorite day of the week, just cause we go there!  I love it so!  I love getting to help out and serve the families.  I love that we have new customers every week and I get to interact with that many more new people that I would never have known other wise.  And I LOVE the people we work with, each of whom have their own story and personality which force me to learn and grow!  There are honestly very few things that would keep me from going..I enjoy it so much!  But....if I were honest....every Wednesday morning when I wake up... I have a moment... when I want to chicken out sick... and not go!  It's much easier to sit at home and not come face to face with the poor and the hungry and those who just need someone to call them friend.  It's much more comfortable to not have the face of a 3 year old, bushy haired girl in your mind when you hear the word hungry, just cause you spent your day at the food pantry.  But I make the choice and I go....and once again I LOVE it!  Another Blackwidow moment!
   Or there's moments like this morning when I had to sit down with a friend and tell her she hurt me.  I HATE conflict....H-A-T-E it!  99.9% of the time I would much rather just take the hit...allow people to verbally slap me in the face...and then walk off, never to be their friend again... than to risk a confrontation by sharing my true feelings.  But God's been growing me and teaching me a lot about living a life "in the light" with everything within me screaming, "this is a BAD IDEA" and "ABORT!  ABORT!"...I went to her and talked it out.  It was uncomfortable and anything but fact we both shared apologies and tears....but in the end, I walked away feeling like things had been made right...maybe even better!  A Blackwidow moment!
  So I guess what I am saying in this is that we all have things in our lives.....things that we feel both excited for and afraid of, all at the same time....things where we know God is calling us to step out, but it requires wading in the uncomfortable for a bit....things that allow us to be a blessing, but also haunt us enough to keep us from living in the status quo.  These are Blackwidow moments....and while the ride may make you scream from beginning to end....if you get on, you'll the's so worth it!  So get in line people....and ride the roller coaster!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cause Wants and Needs are Two Different Things...

Non-Physical things I desire in life...

*Knowing what I am doing
*Doing what I am good at

What I've experienced in the past month since stepping out in God and leaving my job...

*Being kicked out of my comfort zone continually
*Waking up to something new every morning
*Having people look at me strange and not understand my choice or life
*Knowing God's up to something but not knowing what it is
*Feeling out of control
*Having no clue where this is all leading
*Having to try new things

It's funny.....I seem to have the exact opposite of everything I desire and YET...
I feel more ALIVE than ever before! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cause He is the Potter and I am the Clay...

  Most people my age hate hymns.  I love them.....L-O-V-E them!  There's just such depth and meaning behind their words.  It's so different from the Christian music we have today...not that I don't like what we have now...but Hymns...Hymns are just different.
  In my house we have this book of hymns that tells the stories behind the lyrics.  Sometimes I like to curl up with a warm blanket, a hot cup of coffee, and this book...and just read the stories.  It usually it doesn't take long before I find I am completely engrossed!  These stories are amazing!  The faith of these people....their's just all so inspiring!
  This afternoon, it was raining, and so I took the opportunity to sit down to do just that....and as I read some of the stories, I came across the hymn "Have Thine Own Way, Lord" by Adelaide Pollard. I've always liked this's one of the ones that I can recall to my memory after hearing just a few notes. But for those of you who don't recognize it by title, here are the lyrics...

"Have thine own way, Lord!  Have thine own way!
Thou art the potter; I am the clay.
Mold me and make me after thy will.
While I am waiting, yielded and still"

"Have thine own way, Lord!  Have thing own way!
Search me and try me, Master, today!
Whiter than snow Lord, wash me just now,
As in thy presence humbly I bow"

"Have thine own way, Lord!  Have thine own way!
Wounded and weary, help me, I pray!
Power, all power, surely is thine!
Touch me and heal me, Savior Divine!"

"Have Thine own way Lord!  Have thine own way!
Hold o'er my being absolute sway!
Fill with thy spirit till all shall see,
Christ only, always, living in me!  

  I Love that last line...Have your way....have absolute sway...fill me, till all see, Christ only, living in me! That's the cry of my heart!  Yet, what I didn't know until this afternoon was that this hymn was written at a time when Adelaide was longing and waiting to go on the missions field.  She was trying to make it to Africa, but the money just wasn't coming in and she just couldn't understand why God would burden her so much for these people, but not make it possible for her to go.  It was during that time that she heard an elderly woman pray, "Lord, it doesn't matter what you bring into our lives, just have your way with us" and she wrote these lyrics.  I cannot tell you how much I can relate to her story....different country....different circumstances....but I so get the cry of her heart ....wondering why God would burden her and not make a way for her to go!

  The past week or so....things have been rough.  I can't really put my finger on it...but I'm struggling.  I guess it's cause I feel drawn to another life that I don't have YET.  It's like God's placed all these desires on my heart and called me to prepare....but the time to "Go" isn't yet....and I'm growing antsy. (Antsy in a month...yep, that's the perfect example of my own temperament)!  I hate sitting around W-A-I-T-I-N-G!  I long for something more....NOW!  But I KNOW....I mean, I K-N-O-W...that this time is important.  God's doing something in this........He's changing me....chipping things away...double checking the foundation...molding me....creating something more... deep within.  Therefore I will not stifle his work by demanding my own way! I will not rush the process. Adelaide Pollard...I will say, "Have thine own way, Lord.  Have thine own way!"