Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cause Sometimes it Helps to Remember...

  I use to write poetry all the time...I use to believe that somehow my words could touch another persons heart.  And day...I stopped.  I'm not really sure why.  It all just sort of became this "silly thing" I didn't want to be known for anymore.  So I packed up my poems and never looked back....until the other day.  
  I've been working on cleaning out a back bedroom at my parents house and the other day I found a box in there full of old journals.  In that box...stuffed to the side and pretty tattered was my book of poems.  I'm in such a different place now then I was when I wrote most of them....but as I read through them I  realised, I miss writing like that....I miss how easily it all use to flow out for me.  Who knows, maybe I'll start writing them again....but for now...enjoy this oldie but goodie....

Quite, alone and in ignorance I stand
Behind all the glamour of wealthier man
Here for a party with nothing to give
Except for the sacrifice of the life I now live

And those all around me are dressed for the King
A white flowing dress and a pure diamond ring
And I in the back in my rags of disgrace
In the shadows I abide feeling so out of place

In walks the Lord in all of His might
Sitting on the the throne with His son on the right
And He looks around the room with love in His eyes
His heart of compassion He does not disguise

And glancing beyond all the piles of man
He points out His finger, stretches out His hand
And He leans into his son with tears as He cries
"Bring me the one whom in the shadow abides"

The Son in obedience stands to His feet
And begins to walk out to the strum of God's beat
He passes by those who are dressed in the purest of white
He's set on his mission, not straying to left or to right

He comes into my world where evil men are all around
He's beaten and scarred, yet still He makes not one sound
He's hung on the cross and for me He does die
While I in my corner can only sit there and cry

Sent from the throne room to here just for me
Paying the debt meant to set this captive free
It's for me He is suffering, He's bearing my sin
But three days later He rises and my soul He does win

And wearing the marks of mails and a pierced side
He walks from His grave and comes to where I hide
And He stands there beside me and holds out His hand
I'm weeping so hard I cannot even stand

Then ever so gently He helps me to my feet
Notifying me I'm the one the King wants to meet
And holding my hand He begins to lead the way
Saying, "You're going to meet the King this very day"

Then all of a sudden my head fills with fear
If I'm going to the King these rags I cannot wear
To a God whose so holy, so good and so true
I can't look like this, what will I do

We are getting closer now, but I can't turn away
For I've waited my whole life for this very day
So I grab the Son's hand even tighter than before
As we come to the throne room, about to pass through the door

And as we enter the throne room I look all around
I see men dressed as angels with their heads to the ground
But these are not men with rich gifts for the King
They're glorious angels and to God they worship and sing

As we comes to His throne I too fall on my face
Oh God I'm not worthy to stand in this place
I think of my rags full of the dirt of my sin
And how He sent Christ for my soul to win

Then ever so slowly I lift up my head
Ready to face the moment I love and yet dread
And that's when I notice my rags have turned white
I look to Christ whose blood has made me clean in God's sight

Then I shift my eyes from Christ to the King
My mouth full of praises to Him I want to sing
And tears fill my eyes and stream down my face
Oh such love, such mercy, such grace.

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