Friday, October 12, 2012

Cause Sometimes Sharing my Inspiration means Sharing the words of Others...

  This past week I've had a really hard time blogging....I'm not really sure what my problem has been but....I just can't seem to find my words.....and it's annoying.  So instead of blogging... I've done the next best lots and lots of other people's blogs!  And since there is so much good stuff out there....which kind of makes me a little jealous...I thought, maybe I should share some of it with everyone else!  So taking a cue from some of my favorite's what I've been reading lately....(in no particular order)....

My Favorite Collaborative effort of blogging: The Help Now Haiti Bloggers 
  This past week a group of bloggers (many of whom I already followed) and storytellers went down to Haiti to tell the story of the orphans who live there and the people working with them.  The past few days I have been completely enthralled by their stories.  I've laughed...I've cried...I've prayed....and I've travelled along with these bloggers has they've experienced a world of love.. and loss.. and growth... and struggle... and hope... and hurt... and God.   My hearts been broken open once again with awareness and longing and a belief in God.  You can read more here

My Favorite New Find: Ragamuffin Soul
  I'm not sure when exactly but recently someone shared one of Carlos Whittaker's blog posts with me and I've pretty much latched onto it ever since. For me it's the perfect mix of long, short, video, picture, and writings ...with meaning....that I've ever found.  And for my ADD mind it's perfect.  Check Him out at

My Favorite "This is what I needed hear" blogger of the week: Shawn Smucker
  For some reason I feel like I've been struggling a lot this week and for no good reason.  I feel like God is moving in my heart and in my life....I feel like I am growing and being stretched....I feel like I am in the palm of God's hand (although to be honest it sometimes feels like I'm in a fishbowl which God is holding in the palm of His hand)....but still I struggle....and I become anxious...and at times I stress.  And then I open up Shawn's blog and read posts like "The most Ridiculous Virtue" and 'Pinky Promises and Tethering Trust" and I'm remind...God loves me and I'm not alone!  You can read more of his stuff at

My Favorite "I just need a good laugh" blog: Matthew Paul Turner
  Let's face it...sometimes we Christians just need to laugh...and sometimes we just need to ourselves.  Matthew Paul tends to post a lot of things that make me do both.  And while he certainly posts his share of seriousness, I have to admit it's the "No Luke, I am your father" pictures that really get me going.  See what I mean at

My Favorite Wednesday Read: Stuff Christians Like
  I'll be honest....I first started reading Jon Acuff's blog for the humor.  Like Matthew Paul Turner, his posts usually just make me laugh at the silly things we Christians do.  But favorite day is Wednesday when Jon posts his "Serious Wednesdays".  There's something about the mix of humor, honesty, story telling and god honest truth that draws me in time and time again.  Check out what I mean here: (notice this is a link to the whole blog not just this weeks serious Wednesday because quite honestly the whole thing is worth sharing).

My Favorite "These stories are just as good the 2nd time around blog: America's Next Top Mommy
  Alright, so maybe this is  a shameless plug for an awesome friend, but it's also truth...I love these stories and the God truth's she draws out of her normal every day life!  I am proud to call this woman my friend....I'm grateful that she allows me to tag along and be her partner in crime...and I'm glad that I get the inside scoop of her upcoming blog posts cause it gives me something to look forward too!  Read her words and wisdom at

And Because I found a lot of these blogs by reading Rachel Held Evans blog (, you should check her out too!

Who knows maybe I'll share more next week....but for now this should give you all plenty to read...I know it's kept me busy!

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