Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stuff Christians Like...

So anyone who follows me on facebook knows that I am a fan of Jon Acuff’s blog “Stuff Christians Like”. I tend to “share” quite a few of his posts per month and “like” a few others here and there. But what you might not know is that I discovered his blog through buying his book by the same title. Much like the webpage, “Stuff Christians Like” the book is a collection of short essays written in a such witty and often sarcastic way that you can’t help but find yourself laughing at his very true statements on how we Christians act! What’s great about this book too is that you can split up the reading quite easily…maybe reading only a few essays per day. In fact that’s what I did. I actually started reading this book back in January and have slowly been reading a few essays here and there during my lunch breaks at work. Yesterday I finally finished and I gotta say if it weren’t for the fact that his essays continue on the blog, I would have been sad the book was over!

There are plenty of hilarious things he points out in this books. Things like the fact that Christians tend to use the word “just” for commas while praying (for example “Lord we just pray that you would just hear our prayers tonight”), or how also when praying we tend to say the name of God over and over again as if God might have forgotten who we were talking to (Example, “Lord Jesus, we just pray father God, that Lord you would…”). He talks about we “feel slightly disappointed when someone accepts our fake offer of generosity” and how we tend to tell “testimonies that are exciting right up to the moment you became a Christian”. And then finishes up with more serious topics like “confessing sin” and how “trying harder” doesn’t get you into heaven.

I highly recommend this book (and Jon Acuff’s blog to anyone!

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