Monday, February 18, 2013


  This weekend....a little girl whose been battling cancer off and on for years, passed away.....a young woman who finally allowed herself to be loved, got engaged just hours before losing her fiance in a car wreck....and a mother found out her one viable kidney is on the final stages of failing her.

What a weekend....

  A lot of other things happened this weekend too....great things... things that bring light and bring hope....but tonight I can't help but sit here and grieve, ...wondering....WHEN Lord....When will you come and make it all right?!  When will you turn the sorrow into joy and mourning into dancing?!  When will you come....

....Because my arms are ill equipped to carry this pain. 

  I sit here, reading these emails and text from friends and acquaintances... I listen to their shaky voices on the phone....and all I can think of is how much this all sucks!  I want to have words of wisdom.....I want to do something to make it better....but I don't and I can't.  I feel helpless.

  But you Lord... understand understand know what it's like to have your heart broken.  And you can bring can bring

  So come Lord Jesus I pray....Amen.

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