Friday, June 18, 2010

Grossology 101: AKA lessons in stupidiy

So yesterday afternoon my sister and I went on a walk on the trails near her house in Tariffville (which as a side note, the rails to trails system in the Simsbury/Granby area is gorgeous so if you are ever up in that area check it out). Well I had spent the previous night at her house and although I had an inclination that we would probably end up going for a walk, I forgot one very important thing….my sneakers! Well in my mind I figured that since I had already borrowed a t-shirt from my sister earlier in the day (I did laundry and didn’t have time to dry my clothes all the way before bringing the girls out for breakfast…so I needed to borrow something), I might as well borrow some sneakers from her too. One problem…my sister wears 9 ½ size shoes and I wear 11! When I tried her shoes on they actually did fit….even though they were tight. So I figured why not just use them it’s only a three mile walk! Turns out that was a very stupid idea! Exhibit A would be the huge blister I received on two of my toes (which is pretty much the exact same thing I now have on the back of my heel too). So let this be a lesson to all of us….wearing the correct size sneakers is imperative!


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