Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dream a little dream with me....

   I’ve never really thought of myself as a dreamer before.  I mean, yeah I have random thoughts and ideas, but I guess in the back of my mind I always believed that those things could be possible.  And granted I don’t think like a realist who sees all the potential snafus in a plan, but I certainly don’t spend my days thinking of what could never ever be.  Yet as I sat talking with a friend over coffee the other night, I realized that in fact I might be a bit of a dreamer….but I am not so sure it’s such a bad thing!
  For example,  I was discussing with this friend, how disconnected churches seem to be from one another in a community and about how cool it would be to find a way to connect them and have them work together.  I can picture in my mind a network of churches, each of which provide different services to their community (whether it’s food, shelters, counseling, tutoring, bible study, etc) and then people being able to connect with one church and automatically being plugged into the resources they need from the other churches in the network.  I can see people In tough situations, coming to God and having him do the spiritual work in their hearts, while the church steps up and together provides for the physical needs.  To me it seems clearly possible to create this…yet the more we talked the more I kept running into my friends practicality.  Things like money, laws, and lack of time were at the forefront of her mind, whereas I always assume the details can work themselves out.
  I love having friends who keep me grounded….who remind me to think about the twenty steps it takes to get from point a to point b.  I just wish sometimes I could rub off a little bit of that dreamer mentality on them…..hee hee

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