Sunday, April 29, 2012

Faster than a Speeding Bullet...

  I’m the type of girl who can jump from zero to sixty in less than a second….especially when it comes to my health.  Ever since my brother-in-law passed away from cancer, I’ve been afraid I might get it too…or something worse.  So, when I get a headache, I think it’s an aneurism…..if my back hurt, I think it’s kidney disease….if my leg is sore, I think it must be a tumor….the list goes on and on! So the other day when I noticed a “bubble” in my gum, I jumped to the conclusion that it must be an abscess that was obviously ready to pop and at any moment could send an infection right to my brain and kill me!  I told you…ZERO TO SIXTY!
  Well, I hadn’t been to the dentist in over ten years…I had a HORRIBLE dentist as a kid that basically scarred me for life and made me deathly afraid of them….but the idea of dying scared me enough to get me to call a new dentist, get an appointment, and go in for a checkup.  Turns out I’m not dying…not even close!  Actually my abscess is really just a cavity irritating my gums enough to make them swell…Something that they can and will fix in less than an hour later this week. Oops!
   But the whole situation got me to thinking about all the other things I jump from zero to sixty in and I realize it’s not just a symptom I portray in regards to my healthy, but it also something I do in my relationships and in my faith.  Even within this week I can count numerous times where I’ve assumed someone is thinking the worst of me, or jumped to the conclusion that something that was said carried a much meaner attitude with it.  I’ve even done the same thing with God, where He’ll be speaking something to me and I’ll jump in with my twenty point plan of how to make it work, or the nineteen million reasons it won’t work, before He even finishes His sentence!
  Why do I do this?!?!  Am I alone in this?!?!  Is it all a part of the human condition or just part of my overly analytical mindset?!?! ………………So many questions, so little answers!

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