Monday, April 16, 2012

Have no Fear, Underdog is here....

  When I was a little girl, I was a huge fan of the animated TV show “Underdog”!  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it was a cartoon about this dorky shoe shiner’s heroic alter ego (aptly named Underdog) who would step in each episode to save “Miss Polly” who was always being terrorized by some type of villain.  Underdog always spoke in rhyme and his catch phrase was “Have no fear, Underdog is here”!  I loved it!  And as a kid there was nothing better than getting up super early, throwing on my cape (aka a bath towel)  and watching Underdog save the day!  Then I would spend the rest of the day pretending to do the same!  So, is it really any wonder, that I grew up to be someone with such a savior mentality?!
 Now, it’s not that I really believe I can “SAVE” anyone, but rather when I see people hurting, or in trouble, or just needing a helping hand, I can’t help but want to step in and save the day!  I want to make it better, make it right, fix it!  I want to be the “Underdog” in their “Miss Polly” moment!  But…one thing I am learning more and more, as I invest myself more deeply into the relationships in my life, is that I am nobody’s savior…NOT EVEN CLOSE!  I can’t heal their scars.  I can’t fix their brokenness. I can’t make something out of nothing for them.  Because honestly….I can’t heal, fix or change myself!  I can only offer to them what I know for myself is true….That there is a God in heaven who loves us, will accept us, and will make all things new!  A God whose very presence teaches us to not fear, for our savior is here!

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