Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Dreams May Come...

  I have a problem....a sleep related problem....and while you are probably thinking I am referring to one of the more common issues with sleep, like insomnia or apnea, I'm actually talking about my dreams!  Contrary to popular belief that is is impossible to dream as long or as vividly as I do....I do!  My dreams seem so real that often times I will wake up in the middle of the night and have to lay there for a few hours trying to convince myself that it was not real!  Although I must admit, most of my dreams are pretty crazy!
  For example, I few months ago I dreamt that I was hit by a car, driven by a young mom with her three little kids in the back seat that she planned to drown in the river at the bottom of the road we were on, but luckily I ran with super speed (mind you after being hit) 8 blocks to catch up to the speeding car and pull it back from flying over the cliff into the water!  Or there was the time I dreamt that it rained metal Christmas ornaments and my family had to go out and try and collect them without getting hurt so that we could trade them in for money to buy food, but we didn't collect enough and as a punishment from the government, a giant Easter bunny started following me everywhere I went and would give chocolate to people when they were mean to me!  Or there was the time I dreamt about having to move out of one of my friends houses and while I was cleaning out under my bed I found there were catfish the size of seals, as well as alligators the size of a baby's pool, stacked under there, still alive and ready for a fight, and I tried to capture them to weigh them for money!  And then there was the dream I had the other night about how I tried to pull my car further up in the driveway while steering from the back seat and I accidentally hit my father's car, which hit our neighbor's fence, flipped into their yard and began to sink in a pile of muddy snow, and one of my neighbor's and I had to keep trying to drive into the mud to find the car so we could save my father who was still trapped inside!
  So yeah, when I say I have a sleep problem and it's with my dreams....I mean it!


  1. Wow Jess you do have some vivid dreams! I have a lot of realistic ones that freak me out. Have you read any of the dream meaning books to see if anything matches what you dream about?

  2. I've had some pretty realistic ones too (think mafia, terrorist,kidnappers, etc) that totally freaked me out...but those aren't nearly as fun to share! And while I haven't personally looked up what any of my dreams might mean, one of my friends did some google searching after my catfish/alligator dream and said it had something do with a power struggle I was having with someone more powerful than me in real life (or something like that). Not sure how I feel about that, but I guess anything is possible ;)

  3. I would definatly browse a dream book and just see what some of them mean. I have done that with a few of my dreams and its interesting.