Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things that make me go "Huh?"....

  I work in a chain bookstore, and while most of my time is spent in the Children's department... blocking out screams of tiny tots who don't want to leave the train table, while offering my best recommendations to the parents and grandparents of every "really smart for their age" kid in the area... I will at times venture out to help customers and co-workers through the rest of the store.  And while my heart is for all things "kids", I certainly do enjoy a good grown-up conversation on books (granted I'm more of a non-fiction, anti most war and history books, lover of christian inspiration and biography kinda gal...aka picky....so it's hard to find people with whom I've covered common ground).  There are however some conversations that take place in the book store that really make me wonder how America hasn't gone completely down the tubes.  I encountered one of those conversations today.
  Surprisingly, this conversation did not surrounding my "favorite" customer question of "I'm looking for a book....I don't know the name, the author, what it's about, or any other information about it except that it's blue and was on a table somewhere in this store like three weeks ago...So do you have it?".  This  conversation was actually between two customers...a husband and wife (I'm assuming), in their mid-forties (I'm assuming again....but they definitely looked middle-aged if I'm allowed to say that), white (not that that really matters), and totally serious (This is the important part).  Their conversation went like this....

Wife:  Hey honey, have you read the new Snooki book?

Husband:  No, not yet.

Wife:  But it's on your list of things to read though, right?

Husband:  yeah, definitely!

  No offense to Snooki (I don't know her and don't pay attention to the show she is on) but SERIOUSLY?!?!  Seriously!  Of the thousand upon thousands of books we sell, THAT's what is going to end up on your reading list?!?!  What is this world coming to?!?!

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