Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sometimes A picture is Worth 1000 words...

  I went for a mini-hike this afternoon after church.  It's been gorgeous here lately and I wanted to be sure to enjoy some time outside while I could.  Plus,  I really just wanted to take a moment to get alone with God and thank Him for all He's doing in my life....and what better place to do it then surrounded by His beautiful creation!
  Well about halfway into my walk/hike I came to this huge pile of rocks (well maybe they would be considered boulders) all piled on top of each other, with the sun perfectly beaming down on them.  Of course I climbed to the top and just stood up there for a moment, basking in the beauty of the moment.  In fact has I was standing there I was thinking of that song "On Christ the Solid Rock I stand", contemplating how truly secure we are when we stand on the firm foundation of Christ, just like I was experiencing on the rock.

  After a bit I climbed down and started on my way somewhere else, but before completely leaving I turned around to take a picture of where I had just been.  I wanted to have that memory of standing on the rock while basking in the sun, to remind myself to stand on MY rock, under THE son.  
  This evening, after an afternoon packed with family celebrating and what not, I finally had a chance to really look at the pictures I took and when I came to the one of the rock I was floored to see clearly visible, right where I had been standing, a beautiful rainbow!!!  It's like God was saying, "I want you to remember this moment too"!  It's obviously no question as to what picture I'll be printing out and hanging on my wall tomorrow!  In the ancient times they built altars to remind them of important God moments....I guess in modern times we just take pictures!

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