Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I See Sweaty People....

  This past weekend I transferred my Gym membership to a location closer to my house.  I had been using the excuse that it's a 15 minute drive to the gym as a perfectly good reason not to go for months...I mean it's simple math...if I worked till six, came home to eat (cause by then I'm starving), rested my belly, and then went, I would be getting home around 10pm and would still need time to wind down before falling if I wanted to go in the morning I would need to wake up at like 5am to get all the things done I need to do in the morning...and well for me that's like the middle of the night.  So like I said, I transferred my membership to a closer location...and well a 7 minute drive from door to door, really eliminates any excuses I have.
  However, all week I've been struggling with something that I've never really struggled with before at the gym.  I find at this new location I'm so self conscious!  I don't know what it is.  The people are nice, and I keep to myself for the most part anyway, but I feel like everyone is looking at me....staring at me....wondering what I am doing there!   I honestly think I am less self conscious in my bathing suit at the beach than I am in my sweats at the gym!  It's weird!  But if I were honest, I think it springs from the fact that I'm not skinny anymore.
  People always tell me that nobody is really paying attention to anyone else at the gym.  And I guess I always believed that because when I started going to the gym I was skinny and I never really had a reason to focus on anyone else who was there. But now all of sudden, I'm noticing people.  I noticed the older women who was watching Archie bunker while strolling on the treadmill, I noticed the Mexican gentleman huffing and puffing on the elliptical, I noticed my old cafe manager using the weights......I'm paying attention to people....which makes me worry ...are people noticing me too?!?!  And if they are what are they thinking!
  What is my problem?  And how do I get over it?  I'm sick of all my excuses!  I just want to get back in shape....and since winter is here, this is how I have to do it!  Am I the only one that feels like this at the gym though?  Please tell me I'm not alone!


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