Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Change in My Routine...

  I am a creature of routine.  I set my alarm for 7:25am every day.. then lay in bed for ten extra minutes, through two snoozes, before I actually get up at 7:35am.  Next I run downstairs and start the coffee while making my lunch and breakfast.  Then I spend an hour with my bible and my breakfast, before heading upstairs to get ready for my day.  That's my morning routine...and I like it!
(I was so tired when I took this...thank god for back lighting ;)
  Sadly, my evening routine doesn't always run so smoothly.  I would love it if every night when I got home from work that I could eat dinner, work out, relax a bit, and then head to bed.  Of course that idea of what a perfect night would look like doesn't actually work in the real world where family, friends, and other commitments require my time.  So more times than not what really happens is I  either take care of me and neglect everyone else or neglect myself and take care of everybody else.
  With that in mind, goal #982 I have for myself this year (okay not really but it certain feels like it) is to become more of a morning person...that way I can get my workout in first and take care of myself, while also still having time at night to give to others.  That being said... I've messed with my morning routine!  For the first time all year I actually got up early this morning (okay so "Early" for me is 7am...well 7:05 because let's be honest I still like to hit snooze button a couple of times) and immediately went to work out!  One hour and 870 calories later...I realised that changing up my routine will not kill me....I can get up early...I can find time to take care of myself....and by doing so I can free myself up to give myself to others even more....THIS excites me!

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  1. I hear ya, I'm so NOT a morning person. I've resolved to being more flexible when it comes to "me time" {work out & devo time} mostly due to the kids. It's still very hard. Good for you, commit your ways to the lord and you will find success!