Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Meaning in the Midst of Meaninglessness....

  I am working my way through a bible reading plan that currently has me reading Ecclesiastes....you know, the book where "everything is meaningless".  I think if I was reading this book at any other point in my life I would walk away from it feeling completely helpless....like what is the point of anything if God's only plan for man is a life of toil and then death.  But right now...at this moment...I'm almost finding a sense of reassurance....like, yes...life really isn't about me and really is about God.
  I've mentioned before how I keep having these moments wherein all the clutter of the world seems to clear out of the way in my mind and for a brief second I get life!  For example, in those moments, I get that I was created to bring God glory and everything I do in this world should point to that.  Of course moments later that clarity gets swept away by my own self-righteousness or self-centeredness or even a need to be accepted.
  None-the-less I think King Solomon had it right....how meaningless would it be to spend your whole life working for yourself and your own comfort and your own gain...only to die and have none of it mean a single thing!
  I don't know about you but I don't want to waste my life...I don't want to cling to the temporary or chase after that which I can't take with me to heaven.  And so I sit here tonight...praying, asking, pleading with God to open my eyes more fully to the reality of what He's doing in this world and what it looks like to live for Him in it.....and seeking for the strength to walk it out (Amen)!

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