Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting back in the right mind set... week 1 of training!

  Hey peeps..what up?!?!  So it's been a pretty busy week for me but  I finally got back into training mode and have been killing it in workouts as well as getting my nutrition under control.  I've also been taking more time to focus on me....which has involved spending more time away from my sister and more time focusing on things I enjoy (like bible study, friends, and running).  It seems like for the first time in a while I am finally being able to tackle my dream of running on all four cylinders this year!
  So one thing I've learned this first week in training (cause lets face it, if the journery is the destination then I better be learning something along the way) is that the basics really are important!  I am one of those people who will skip out on stretching in order to save time, or will run as soon as I am done eatting for the same reason).  Twice this week I was reminded just how much these things are a no-no.  For one running directly after eating not only gave me the worse side ache ever...but also made for a miserable run, at a slower place, and just all around fustration.  And then on the two nights where I tried to skim out on my stretching, I woke up the next  morning so sore and stiff that my body didn't even want to get out of bed.  SO incase you are wondering....there is a reason the basics are the basics!
  Oh and another thing that I am going to try out this week is this one a day vitamin that dissolves in water.  Since I've been young I've always had a really hard time swallowing pills.  However lately I have been extremely tired and think it probably comes from the fact that I don't get nearly enough of the vitamins I need from my food (for example I'm not a vegan but I don't enjoy I know for sure that I lack iron).  So when I saw this in the store today I thought it was worth the try.  I'll keep you all updated on whether or not it makes any difference.
  Well for now this is all, gotta get some sleep considering most days this week I've been up way past my bed time to watch the olympics (can you say "Go team USA!"....way to inspire a nation)!

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