Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friend or Foe.... here we go...

Hey There…

So tonight I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine (or at some points its better known as my enemy…hee hee). This is my scale (pictured to the right). For most of my weight loss journey I have lived and died on this scale. Weighing once a week I would only be happy if that number went down and I did everything in my power to make sure that happened (which, well, we all know of the success I have had in that).

But these days I hold myself to a much different standard. Yes it’s still important to me to keep my weight in check and my body healthy, but now I have a different goal in mind….a goal that keeps me from falling off the wagon when the number on the scale doesn’t quite meet my liking! So I guess it would only be appropriate now to introduce you to another friend of mine…. Pictured to your left is the bib I wore during the first half marathon I ever ran. On it I’ve written my official time for that race which was 2:36:12. In just three months I will be attempting this race again… and in this second go round I have but one goal. That is to beat my previous time….but not just to beat it….to smash it out of the park!!! I have three months to lose 30lbs and beat my legs and body into submission….and honestly I actually believe I can do this!

So for those of you who haven’t realized yet what exactly all this “training” I am doing is for….now you know…so jump on board and get moving with me (by the way I am naming March “make it happen” month…so one way you can join me is to create a goal that you want to reach by march 31st and then work your ass off over the next few weeks to reach it….but more on that some other night).


Oh and I almost forgot. Remember way back in January when I posted that picture of my workout calendar where I write out what I did for workouts in order to keep myself motivated. Well here’s a picture of this month’s calendar (to the right) you can see I started the month out slowly (so slow in fact I wasn’t doing anything) but over the past few weeks things have finally gotten back on track)!!! Here’s hoping March looks even better!!!

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