Monday, March 1, 2010

"Make it Happen" Month

Hey there!

So it’s March 1st…whoo hoo (and just in case you’re wondering, I was born in March, so I tend to believe it’s the best month of the entire year…hee hee)!!! And with a new month comes a new opportunity to create some new goals and reach some new heights! So this month I’ve decided to pull out all the stops and take a cue from Bob Harper by stopping to just talk and instead to just do it (Hee hee…do any of your remember that episode of Biggest Loser when Bob totally freaked out!!!). That is why I have declared March “Make it Happen Month”. This is the month where instead of just wishing I could run faster or hoping that I can lose some weight, I instead put in the work to actually achieve those goals. And well being the goal oriented person that I am I’ve come up with a monthly goal (which is to be able to cut my 5k time down to under 30 minutes), a two week goal (which for the next two weeks is to train for the “Max O’Hartford 5k so that I can get as close to that 30 minute mark as possible during the race), and some weekly goals (like to work out at least 5 days a week and to make sure I am doing some form of running 4 of those 5 days). Now obviously these aren’t some outlandish concepts….they are simple things…doable things. And yet they are also things which will bring me closer to my ultimate goal (which as I said last night is to beat my previous half marathon time).

So now I’m wondering…what are your goals for this month? It’s March first…you still got 30 days to MAKE IT HAPPEN (So “stop talking about it and just do it”!!!)!


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