Thursday, March 11, 2010

I heart Runner's World...and this check it out!


So sorry about the lack of posting this week… but I’ve been trying to make sure I dedicate extra time to working out this week, especially with a race on Sunday (okay so it’s a 5k but still…hee hee). Anyway I wanted to share a cool story with all of you because if anything it’s offered me the kind of inspiration I’ve been looking for since the Olympics ended and well there’s just nothing like paying it forward. The only problem is... it’s not really my story to tell and considering I’m sure there are some sort of plagiarism laws out there about copy things from other sources the best I can do is give a summary and then send you out the door to pick up the latest issue of Runners World Magazine and read it for yourself (here’s a picture of the cover so you know for sure your grabbing the right one!).

So in every issue of this magazine they share a “human race” story about “regular runners doing amazing things” and this month’s runner truly is amazing! Brain Boyle’s a guy who overcame insurmountable odds to not only walk again (he was in a crazy car accident where he was hit by a dump truck) but he went on to train for and eventually complete a marathon in less than four hours!!! But what I think makes this story even greater is that he accomplished this great feat not on his first try, or second, or even third. I think they said it took him six tries to finally reach the goal of a sub-four hour marathon! Talk about dedication, commitment and perseverance!

See stories like that inspire me because throughout my life I’ve come face to face with obstacles that have detoured me from my dreams and I’ve had moments when failure has kept me back from trying again. But people like this man prove that anything is possible if you are willing to put in the work and never give up! The Impossible is never REALLY impossible unless you decide it to be! So thanks Brian and Runner’s World Magazine for sharing this story and reminding me of that fact!


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