Thursday, March 4, 2010

Need a good laugh?!?! Here's a great book!

Alright friends, so considering I am a bookseller by trade, you had to have known that I some point I would use my precious blog time to recommend a book. Well that point in time has come…. tonight! So for all my running friends out there…you know those of you who totally just get the whole love/hate addiction to throwing on your sneakers and hitting the road…..And, well for those of you who just dabble in running and might enjoy a good laugh, check out this book (pictured to the left), “The Runner’s Rule book” by Mark Remy (and the editors of runner’s world)!!! And just to give you a sneak peek at some of the more funny rules in this book, here are some of my favorites:

Rule #1.9--- Pass Gas Not Judgment

Rule #1.66—Dogs are harmless, expect when they’re not

Rule #2.20---“Looking Good” and 10 other lies runners tell each other

Rule #2.32--- Do whatever it takes to finish before a costumed runner

Alright so that list doesn’t even begin to do justice to the book (or even to those rules listed for that matter), so to see what I mean… check it out! (PS…you don’t have to buy it just go to your local bookstore, grab it off the shelf and spend a good hour sitting there sipping coffee and chuckling at the pure humor of it…seriously booksellers are use to it).



  1. Hey! Booksellers may be used to having people read books without buying them, but I'm not! C'mon, man... This is my livelihood we're talking about here!

    (But thanks for the nice plug. I'm glad you enjoyed the book.) -Mark Remy (seriously!)

  2. Good point Mark... my livelyhood sort of depends on a purchase too...hee hee!

    Don't worry, if people are anything like me they won't be able to put it down and will buy it anyway! And, well, if not...I'll make up for it by the amount of times I recommend it in an average work week ;) It seriously is worth the purchase!

    (now how's that for another shameless plug..hee hee. Do I get comission for this? J/k)