Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday afternoon Fun...

Hey All! What up?!?!

So can I just tell you I had the funnest run today (yeay!). My friend/boss and I are running a 5k together on Sunday and so we thought it would be a good idea to get together for a practice run today since we haven’t run together since possibly thanksgiving (the last race we did)! Anyway, I had heard about these great trails in my area and decided that today would be the perfect day to try it out…and it was! First of all the trails are dirt not concrete so my knees were absolutely in heaven. Then the rain held off all day so we didn’t have to worry about getting soaked and sick before our big day (the forcaste called for rain all day). Then on top of that we talked the entire run (well actually I talked most of it cause as you can tell I’m sort of a blabber mouth) and so I didn’t listen to music the entire time (and usually I have to have music or I am dying)! Plus I had a great running partner who let me force her to run longer than the four miles we had planned (cause let me tell you I was feeling great…well and cause I missed a mileage marker…oops) and just kept going even when it got tough for her (how’s that for inspiration! Ever watch someone push through when you can tell it’s not easy for them?!?! It makes you so proud…and motivates you to want to do your best that much more)! Anyway…so here’s a pic from the trail (sorry I got a bit of the port-a-potty in it but what are you gonna do)!

Anyway Sunday is the big race…well I’m not really sure it can be considered BIG since we ran longer today than we will then, but still it’s exciting to just get out there with other runners again. I will be sure to post some pictures and lots of stories from the event, and then Monday I officially start the 12 week program from Hal Higdon to prepare for the half…so I’m sure I’ll have plenty to share in the coming weeks. So get excited people…cause I know I am!


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