Saturday, March 6, 2010

Overwhelmed by choice....and lack of information!

So this afternoon it was completely gorgeous here in the great state of CT…or well, at least in my part….and of course I was working, so as soon as my lunch break hit I ran outside to catch some time in the sun. Lucky for me the bookstore I work at is in the same shopping area as a grocery store and so I figured instead of just enjoying the weather I would also pick up a few things I needed from there. This however meant that I was going to miss any real chance I had to eat my lunch and so I thought I would pick up some sort of protein/energy bar thing to help sustain me throughout the next two hours until my next break when I could eat my meal. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve tried many different bars before when I was trying to figure out what would work best while running, but honestly I always just picked up what was on sale. Today I actually took the time to read the ingredients and the nutrition information on these bars…and my golly was I over whelmed! I could have spent an entire day in that aisle and still not have found exactly what I was looking for (not that I really knew EXACTLY what I was looking for to begin with… but still)! There are so many brands and then flavors to choose from…then the ones that seem to have a lot of protein are also really high in calories…and the ones that are decent when it comes to the amount of carbs also have insane amounts of sugar! How’s a girl suppose to know what to go for?!?!

SO I decided instead of just living in the dark that tonight I would come home and do some research and what I found (besides a million different people having a million different opinions on the matter) was what I’ve always known, and that is that “energy” comes from food… and well it’s always best to stick with the real stuff not the prepackaged processed things that can live on a shelf for years without going bad (I mean think about it…if it doesn’t decompose on a shelf what’s gonna happen to it in your body?!?!). So now it’s back to the drawing board. I’ve really got to find the perfect blend of super foods to help sustain my energy throughout the day cause man, lately I’m been so drained (hum…maybe there’s something to this eating more meat thing..hee hee).


PS… So when I got home from work tonight the last thing in the world I wanted to do was run…but I happened to get this text at the most perfect time and it completely motivated me to get my butt out the door. In fact, I was so motivated that I not only ran the three miles I was planning but I kept going for an additional mile and ended up completing 4.16 miles in 49:51 (which is about 12minute miles…and this early into training, I can be proud of that)!  So for those of you who like to send out those encouraging words of wisdom to your friends...never understimate the power those little notes might have!

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