Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mudpuddles of life...

Alright so the plan was to get back on track yesterday…and although the day started out pretty much on the right foot, it all started to unravel about the time I hit my 15 minute break and realized I didn’t have a healthy snack to carry me through the rest of the day. From there I lost track of calories, skipped my trip to the gym and ate brownies and ice cream with my teenage nephew all night. Then reality set in…and not only did I find myself with a large dose of eaters remorse, but I also happened to get an email from a friend containing a picture of me from this past weekend….let’s just say I was completely unhappy with what I saw…and it certainly kicked me back into reality.

I’m not going to lie… I love to eat crap because it tastes good to me (even though sometimes after I don’t feel good form it). And I have a hectic life schedule so when I’m tired it’s much easier to be lazy then to actually work out. BUT I also know that when I eat healthier I feel better and have more energy..and the same goes for working out.  I don’t ever want to become the overweight person I once was (see picture to right.. taken around my heaviest). That girl was unhappy because she was trapped in a body that was too big for her….she couldn’t move…she couldn’t breathe! But now by the grace of God I have a new body and since I can move and breathe I should!

So this morning I got back on the bandwagon. I made a healthy breakfast (an egg white scramble with tons of veggies) and lunch (yogurt with blueberries and a roast beef sandwich), started counting my calories again, AND even went for that well over due run (even though it was pouring rain out and the puddles were monsters…see picture below).

All in all I am pretty proud of myself…and ready to hit my goals again tomorrow (which include a 7am jog)! So…”what have you done today to make yourself proud”?


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