Friday, February 12, 2010

Why is it?!?!

  So I am not nor will I ever be the kind of person who actually looks forward to working out.  Infact I am actually more so the type of person who absolutely dreads the idea of it until about half way through a workout session, at which point I switch from dread to excitment at the idea that it's almost over.  So why is it that almost every time I work out as soon as its done I think about how I should do it more often.  It's like the euphoria of actually accomplishing something clouds my judgement and I automatically start thinking about getting up early the next day to do it again or planning my schedule better so that I can figure out how to fit in more regular workouts.  Sadly that feeling only lasts about an hour or two and by morning I'm back to dreading my workouts and finding every excuse in the book not to fit it in.

 Now if only I could find a way to bottle my post workout motivation...then not only would I always find myself on track...but I would also find myself quite rich...hee hee

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