Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The opposite of worry is….

By nature, I am a worry wart….always have been and probably always will be. Call it an in ability to trust God or an overzealous need for control…but none the less I can stress myself out on the drop of the dime over some of the most needless things. In terms of weight loss….well that can just wreak havoc for me. I mean we all know that stress produces cortizol which leads to belly fat. But for me stress also leads to a need to eat…food is comfort to me…even though ultimately in the end it becomes anything but.

Lately I have been finding myself stressing out so much …almost to the point that I have this constant ball of tightness in my stomach (like a stomach ache or ulcer)…and then it hits me….the only thing that I can truly control in this life is my body (which includes everything from my emotions to my weight). I have control over what I put in my mouth and ultimately I have control over whether or not I work out. I can control how much weight I lose and how much I gain but the amount of effort I put into this journey.

Now don’t get me wrong…I see I am treading a very fine line here. I mean we all have read how this kind of behavior and/or thought process can lead to all sorts of eating disorders. But what I am saying is…it’s time to take some of my power back. I feel like in so many ways life has once again stolen bits and pieces of me….and I’m slowly reverting back to this place of not knowing who I am and what I am capable of. It’s time to change that….it’s time to take back some control….it’s time to show life that it can knock me down but it will never knock me out!

And that’s my personal pep talk for the night…hee hee!


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