Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

  I have to be honest... I'm starting to freak out about the fact that in less that two weeks I am suppse to run in a marathon relay team!  Granted it's not a marathon...and not a half....but still...I don't feel ready to even run a 10k right now!  I'll do it and I know it will work out fine....I'm just nervous!
  But I am proud of myself for the fact that this week I have been on top of my nutrition.  The other morning I went running in the rain and still felt good...and I knew it was because I haven't been eating crap!  I find myself looking into the fridge lately and seeking to pull out not just what might taste good but also is going to fuel me for the next couple of hours.  Finally a step in the right direction!

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