Monday, September 27, 2010

"This is the start of something new....don't you agree?!?!"

   I have been a HORRIBLE blogger this month...but there's just too much to catch up to try and fill it all in I'm not.  Instead what I am about to do has become something very dangerous for me to do this year….but I feel like I can’t just let this moment pass…so here it goes…  This week I lost 11lbs!!!  I am proud of myself!   I literally worked my ass off all week (after having a major ah-ha weekend at my family reunion) and I deserve to celebrate my success!  But…it scares me too.  My track record this year of getting back on track one week and then falling off the wagon the next is not good…I don’t want to celebrate so much that I think I’ve earned the right to slack off!  I can’t ….I’ve got too much more left to do!  So I’m happy and excited…and take joy in my accomplishment….BUT  tomorrow morning the slate wipes clean and it’s a new week….time to work hard all over again….Time to prove to myself once and for all that I can do anything!  Time to stay on track!

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