Sunday, November 14, 2010

Streaking....and I'm not talking about running around with no clothes on!

So a few weeks ago I started reading the book “the Spark”.  I only got a few chapters in (not that it wasn’t a good book…because it was) but in those few chapters I came across a story about the authors wellness journey.  In the story he shared that he would motivate himself by creating streaks in his life.  For example, he would get up and exercise every day…day after day after day.  After a while he had this long streak going of how many days in a row he had worked out that it became a motivating factor to work out because he didn’t want to break the streak.
  Thinking about this…I decided to start my own streak this morning.  Lately I have been the most unhealthiest person in the world.  Not working out…not really eating healthy…frustrated with my body but doing nothing but complaining about it.  So I decided it was time to do something…I decided to get up this morning an hour early and go for a walk.  I know, I know…a walk doesn’t sound all that intense…but I realize in a sense I am back at the start of a whole new weight loss journey and therefore I got to start where I’m at…which is back at the beginning.  So walking it is….
Let the streak building begin!

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  1. Cant' wait to hear more about your streak! So did you finish the book?