Sunday, November 21, 2010

A whole is the sum total of all it's parts....

  This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Women of Faith Conference.  I loved soaking in all the information and encouragement that I received.  So much knowledge was in that room that I still find myself trying to process it all (which will probably take a while)!   I honestly had little to no clue who most of the speakers were, but each of them definitely left an imprint on my heart and life.  One thing that really hit me about the speakers was how real they were.  They would share their struggles and hardships and it made me realize that they aren’t all that different from me after all.  In fact two of them shared a bit about their weight issues and I really connected to them in that. 
  Most people I know now have no idea how much I struggled (and continue to struggle) with my weight and my body.  Yeah I am the girl that last 130lbs in a year…but I don’t go around telling people unless they ask.  Therefore most people assume that I’ve always been this weight and/or that I’m over all my issues …but I’m not.  I still struggle to look at myself in the mirror and think I’m pretty.  I still struggle to allow people to hug me or get physically close to me.  I struggle with feeling like a hypocrite for gaining back weight that I lost.  I even struggle with knowing I’ll never be perfect.
  Yet hearing these ladies stories….how all the struggles and hardships they have seem to somehow also be covered in the blanket of their faith…made me notice something really important about myself and my journey.   In all the time I’ve been on this journey I’ve always viewed it was this separate struggle….separate from my emotional journey and even my spiritual journey.  The way these ladies spoke about their own lives helped me to see that all those separate things are actually part of the same journey!
   In fact there was a moment this weekend when I began to think about this blog and it dawned on me how without even knowing it I appropriately named this to cover ALL aspects of the journey I am on.  In my mind it makes so much sense now….check it out…
*a Diary is a place where girls tend to write out everything they are feeling, which is in part my emotional journey
* Weight Loss, well, that’s exactly what I am trying to accomplish in my physical journey
*A Warrior, defined as someone who is “distinguished in fighting”, which is not something I would normally ever consider myself  but  as A Christian is what God calls me to be in his kingdom, speaks to my spiritual journey.
  So yeah this is my blog…a diary of a weight loss warrior…where from now on I feel a freedom to share all aspects of my journey with you….cause this journey is definitely more than just physical!


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