Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random babble...because sometimes you just have to say something!

  Once again here it is 7 days into a new month and I have yet to post a new blog! I guess part of the problem for me is not that I don't have anything to say, but rather that what I do have to say has very little if anything to do with weight loss.  It use to be when I worked out or went running that at entire time my mind was set on the action I was doing.  However lately I find myself out running and thinking about things like my faith, or my friends.  Instead of exercise being this almost selfish thing I do to please myself and feel's actually become more of a time to clear my mind and become real with myself so that I can become more real with the world around me.
  That being said I don't want to negate the fact that this is a weight loss blog and therefore in that vein I will also mention that it's DAY LIGHT SAVINGS DAY!  Yeay...that means the sun will be out in the morning again...and I can get back to consistently working out by doing it in the morning rather than night! 
  So here's to a new week!

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