Friday, October 29, 2010

You have to start somewhere...

  So this has been a year of my feeling like such a failure.  I've gained weight...lost strength and endurance...and basically struggled to believe that I can change again.  BUT I haven't given up...and today I continued on my quest to get on track and stay there by trying out Bob Harper's new Inside Out "Strength" DVD.  Now to be honest....I did the 20 minute beginners version (following it up with a 3 mile run), but something he said in the beginning of the DVD truly brought me the encouragement I needed to "Stop talking about it and just DO IT".  He said "Everyone's got to start somewhere"!  I's so simple...but for me it's so true!  I've been beating myself up so much for not being as in shape and athletic as I use to be....angry that I am not being who I know I can be...and yet instead of using that as encouragement to get back there, I've used it as my excuse to drop off the healthy band wagon.  Realizing that I have to start somewhere even if it's not where I left off is such an encouragement!  Thank you Bob Harper (For the insight and the good work out)!

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