Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dreadmill the Treadmill....

  I've said it before and I'll say it again... I hate the dreadmill!  So in order to entertain myself when I find myself having to use it, I will change up my speed a constantly...and tonite was no exception.  I started off at a very low speed of 3.4 (Yes that's slow...but I tried not to be overly numbers concious tonite) and then at the first turn on the treadmill track grid I bumped my speed to 4.4....then it was back down to 3.5 at the next turn...and up to 4.5 at the next...all the way up to speeds of 4.0 (low) and 5.0 (high) for 36 minutes and 2.27 miles.
  Normally I would look at those numbers and cringe...tonite though I'm happy because I accomplished my three main goals for the night.  Number one I wanted to make sure I didn't stop running.  Number two I wanted to burn over 500 calories.  And Number three I wanted to spend time stretching after my run!  So tonite I can be proud I accomplished everything I set out to do

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