Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Rest Day... one of the many joys in life....

  Today is my rest day...yeay!  The only thing that actually make this rest day better than most is that today I actually have the day off as well...double yeay!  So I slept in (for the first time in weeks), took my time getting ready, cleaned my room and then worked on starting a new motivational wall in my room
  I don't know about you but for me there is something very positive about reading motivational quotes or's like it gives me that extra kick I need to workout or do whatever is on the agenda for the day.  So every few months I Will either update or start a new motivational wall in my room for just that purpose.  Here's a pic (To the left) of what I started today.  Some of my favorite quotes.. since they are kinda hard to read from the picture are:

*It's you Vs. You
*IMPACT...Make one
*Nothing hurts more than sitting on the couch
*Happiness is pushing your limits and watching them back down
*To first steps, half steps, or any other step you ever thought possible.  To Losing yourself in order to find yourself at the exact same time

  I also had a chance to update my racing wall (See picture to right)...and while doing so it dawned on me that on sunday when I run this years apple harvest fest 5k it will officially be two years since I ran my first race (In fact the apple harvest fest 5k was the first race I ever did..although this year the course is different).  That first year I ran just two races....and the next year I ran three....and this year I have run 5 so far (by the end of the year that should be 8)!  I think I might be addicted =)

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