Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The silly games we play...

Over the years since I’ve take up running, I’ve become the type of runner that loves to run with my headphones on and music blasting in my ears. In fact there has been times where I have claimed that there are magic powers in my MP3 player that make me run at faster speeds. In reality I think music is key for me just in the sense that it keeps me entertained and focused on something other than how long I’ve been running.

The last few days however my MP3 has failed me…..or maybe rather I have failed it. Last night for instance I left it in my car and ended up running on the treadmill so I didn’t bother to go out and get it. Then tonight I actually remembered my music but forgot I was low on battery and within three blocks my player died.

So what’s a girl to do when her only form of entertainment is gone?!?! I’ve heard lots of different answers to that question from many different types of runners. Some people memorize poems or chapters from the bible that they repeat over and over again. Other people will spend their time praying or mentally writing letters to their friends (two things that I also do but usually with my music on as background noise). I on the other hand tend to do probably the most boringest thing ever……..I count. Yep that’s right….I count! In fact I usually count every step I take up to 550 steps and then I count every group of 550 I’ve counted throughout my entire run. Seems silly I know…especially for a girl who despises math…but it works!

Who knows maybe one day I’ll solve one of the worlds hardest math problems while running a marathon….or maybe, just maybe….become someone who can run without music (everyone’s got to have goals right?!…hee hee)!

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