Sunday, December 19, 2010

11 in 2011!

  So the New Year is just around the corner (13 days away…can you believe it?!?!) and as is my custom I’ve already begun to think about what I want my new year’s resolution for 2011 to be.  Normally my goals are pretty general (i.e., to lose weight, read my bible more, get to know more people, etc)…but this year I wanted a specific goal and something that would last me the whole year long.
  Well after much thought (and internal debating with myself) I’ve finally made a decision.  My new year’s resolution/goal for 2011 is to run 11 road races!  I’m not so worried about what distance they are…or even how long it takes me to run them.  I just want to complete 11 in 2011!
  The scary thing about this goal is that as of this moment I’ve only run in 11 races total and that’s been over the course of two years!  So…yeah…kind of ambitious of me…but also the kind of goal that will help me to maintain the goals I’ve already reached and push me towards a healthier lifestyle!

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