Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Exploding Eggs and Broken Ellipticals...

    I’ve probably mentioned this before, but for most of my life I’ve been pretty introverted, so it’s never really been a concern for me that my social activity might impede on my ability to find time to work out.  Then all of a sudden this year I found my social calendar filling up and the days of working out growing slimmer and slimmer.  Well once again this week I committed to finding the time to getting back to the basics and working out.  I even went as far as to clean up my workout space and pull out my elliptical…and because I know the only time that I have to work out these days is first thing in the morning, I pulled out all my clothes and workout gear and placed it right next to my bed so that I would have no excuse not to hop to it soon as my alarm goes off
  .  Then…well… you guessed it…..each morning so far my alarm has gone off and I just haven’t been able to get myself out of bed.  I know I physically can get out of bed…so it comes down to a choice…but I seem to always choose momentary comfort over lasting change. So I roll back over and go back to bed for another hour promising myself that when I get home from work I will work out.  Then…well…you guessed it again… I get home from work exhausted and although I have the best intentions, never actually work out.  It’s a frustrating cycle….but tonight I broke it!  TONITE I WORKED OUT!  The plan was to do a video and then ride my elliptical for 30 minutes to make for an hour work out.  Unfortunately my elliptical is broken (it’s making this strange clicky sound like it’s about to break so my nephew is going to take it apart tomorrow and find out what he can do about it) so I ended up just doing a video…but it was something….so the new streak count is at 1 again!
  On a completely un related but definitely funny sidenote (okay so it’s somewhat related) I decided this morning that I was actually going to make breakfast (I am usually one of those chronic breakfast skippers whose meals only get larger as the day goes on).  Well, a few weeks ago I discovered you can make eggs in the microwave and so figured that was something simple I could make.  So I mixed together some eggs, milk and cheese…and excitedly waited for it to magically bake in 1 minute….but when I pulled it out it looked all funny and just as I got my fork (and face) close enough to get a better view…the thing POPPED!  That’s right it POPPED!  Scrambled egg pieces went everywhere including all over my face and neck!  And apparently the microwave can heat things up quite quickly because I now have a small burn mark on my neck as my war wound!!!  So although I am going to try the whole breakfast thing again tomorrow… I think I will just stick to oatmeal from now on!

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  1. Yay for starting a new streatk! I have heard about eggs doing that in the microwave. My mom always fixed scrambled eggs in there when I was young but I have never personally tried it. I too am a breakfast skipper but have been trying to get better even if its just a pop tart its better than nothing which has became my norm.