Thursday, August 25, 2011

A constant Prayer....

  Sometimes I feel like the worst Christian ever.  My ideas and thought processes are so different than 90% of the christians I know, that so often I feel like the odd ball out.  I don't fit in with the main stream of people in this world because I have such a strong faith and I don't fit in with a lot of christians because I question so much about our said faith.  It kinda makes a girl feel like an island in a world where "no man is a island".
  Then I go out to dinner with a friend, who sits down and lets me spout my ideas about life, love and God.  She allows me to ask the tough questions that most people just shove under the rug.  She allows me to share freely about my thoughts, whether or not she agrees, and has no problem sharing her thoughts right back even if that means we aren't on the same page.  She's real, open and honest with me....and I realize I feel safe, secure, I belong...she is my sister in Christ...this is how it should be.  So once again I find myself reflecting on this day and praying....God help me to be more like my friend so that I in turn can be more like you....amen.

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