Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reflection on "Hurricane" Irene....

  So this past Sunday, my state was hit with it's first Hurricane....or rather Tropical Storm, since it was downgraded by the time it was fully upon us...of the year.  I was a little girl the last time a hurricane came up with way so I wasn't really sure what to expect....except of course power outages and days of eating non-perishable food.  
  As the outer bands approached it honestly just felt like any other rainy day.  My sister and I even commented that we were expecting a lot worse.  As a precaution we all (that is my sister, nieces and I) all decided to camp out together in the living room, but we went to bed Saturday night feeling pretty lucky that this thing wasn't as bad as they predicted.
  A few hours later we were woken up by what sounded like one of the kids falling off the bed (which was weird because we were sleeping on mattresses on the floor).  We got up to look around and this is what we saw (see picture to the left)  A tree had fallen on our garage (and that was only the "small" half)!
  At this point we were getting nervous.  The worse of the storm still hadn't arrived and we already had branches coming through a portion of the house...this could not be good!  Lucky for us....even hours later that was the worst of it!  No power outage, no other damage.
  Over the past few days I've been seeing images and video from around the state of all the damage other people have experienced and I can't help but so lucky!  This was just a tropical storm....not even a true hurricane...and people have lost so much!  It's scary to think what could have been, what we could of lost!  I feel like someone was truly looking  out for us and I am GRATEFUL!

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