Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Kisses From Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption"...

  Katie Davis is a 22 year old girl…who lives in Uganda and is the Mother of 14 adopted little girls.  More than that though, at least for me... after reading her book (“Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption”), Katie Davis is the perfect example of what God can do with a life completely surrendered to Him!
  I started Reading Katie’s blog about a month ago when one of my friends mentioned her story and told me I should check it out.  I remember sitting down at my computer to read it and not moving for over an hour.  And as I read post… after post …after post about her life and how God was using her to make a Difference for Him, I knew God was speaking to me….showing me what Surrender looks like.
  Then I found out Katie’s book was hitting stores this month and I kept trying to remind myself to check it out, but to be honest I forgot the exact date it was coming. Luckily for me one of our regular customers came into my bookstore the other day looking for a book about “a young girl in some distant country who adopted all these kids” and right away I knew what she was talking about and that I had to start reading immediately!  I can honestly say I DO NOT regret that decision!
  Although much of Katie’s story involves the 14 young girls she’s adopted, it also tells about how God has used her to provide Food and Education to Hundreds of Kids in the surrounding villages.  It talks about How God can use someone who willingly says “Yes” to Him, to bring Hope, Love, and Restoration to individuals, families, communities and ultimately the world.  Reading about people on the brink of death being brought back to life, is nothing more than a miracle of God, and to think that these are stories from Today…right now…makes it all the more powerful!
  But don’t think Katie’s story is all flowers and butterflies!  No, like I said, this is a story about Surrender!  For a girl who at 18 years old was homecoming queen, class president, in a committed relationship, and with a bright future that consisted of college, marriage and everything that is the “American Dream”….moving to Uganda, alone, against her parents’ wishes for her to go to college, in order to walk the dirt roads, feeding the poor, and taking care of “a village” while sharing in the pain and suffering of others, is anything but easy! 
  Yet what I love most about this book is how no matter what, Katie never once takes credit for God’s work!  In fact she says,” I had fantasized about doing something incredible for God and others; what I have learned though is that I can do nothing incredible, but as I follow God into impossible situations, He can work miracles through me”. And again, “I am inadequate and can do nothing without God.  Even with Him I can do very little.  But as I do what I can, I am able to watch Him do what only He can”!  Katie says, “I have learned that something happens when one makes herself available to God; He starts moving in ways no one could imagine”, and after reading her story, I couldn’t agree more!

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