Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not Exactly What I Was Expecting....

  Week two of any weight loss journey is always hard.  The excitement of week one is over and now things are slowing falling into a routine.  Plus, if you're like me, you've just come off a really great weight loss and the chances of seeing any significant loss again are not that high (anyone else watch the biggest loser and thus heard of the week two "curse"?!?).  So I knew going into this week that I had to be very strict with my diet, drink plenty of water and get in all my workouts if I wanted to see results.  And for the first four days of the week I did great!  Then Thursday came, and all of a sudden all the little annoyances of the week started catching up with me and  I found myself slipping back into the comfort of drinking coffee like it's water (instead of actually drinking water) and giving in to a little extra snack here and there.  I ended the week having only met my water goal of 80oz four out of seven days and only working out five out of seven (although I was still able to meet both my goals of running/walking over 10 miles and burning over 4500 calories in my work outs).  Not horrible, but definitely not the kind of week I wanted to have!
  So when it came time to get on the scale this morning, I decided I would hope for the best and expect the worse.  I figured even if I only lost a pound I should still be happy considering I didn't give my all.  Well, when I looked down the scale told me I had lost another 5.5lbs!!!  5.5lbs.....What?!?!  This was not a great week....Yes I worked out and No I didn't full out binge, but a 5.5lbs loss on week two when I know I could have done better....ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  That means since the beginning of the year I have lost 16lbs!!! I have a lot to be happy about...and I am proud of all my accomplishments!  I feel like I am finally getting back my old self...but still learning new ways to deal with my issues (for instance I've done a TON of journaling this week)! 
  Now the old me would take this loss and see it as a sign that I don't have to try so hard, that I can still see results even if I am not giving my everything.  But like I said before, this journey is so different than any other one I've been on and therefore it's not just about the results, it's about the journey!  My desire is to give my very best to honor God in it by not taking the easy route and not giving up and slacking off because it's more comfortable.  I want to continue on this journey knowing that my attitude is pleasing to my creator!  So heading into week three I've made a few changes.  For one I've created a workout space in our basement so I can no longer complain about not being able to give my all in my workouts because I might make too much noise in my room.   I also went grocery shopping and picked up a different variety of lunch selections so I'll can no longer complain about how sick I am of soup (which becomes my excuse for eating crap)!  I've also washed out all my water bottles so that I have no excuse for not carrying one around with me (It's amazing how often I will forgo taking water with me because I can't quickly find a clean bottle).  As you can see, I'm trying to prepare myself for a great week!  I hope you are doing the same!

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