Sunday, January 1, 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New...

Happy New Year everybody!  So I know a lot of people who claim that although they love the freshness of a new year, they don't like all the hoopla around making New Years Resolutions!  While I get what they are saying, I LOVE it!  There's just something about starting off new and having a goal or two that your working towards, that makes me hopeful and excited about a new year!
  Last year I had two main goals for the year.  One, I wanted to run 11 races and two, I wanted to read 50 books.  Unfortunately, due to injury...and well lets be honest, a complete lack of confidence and/or commitment... I only completed 1 race.  That was definitely not the track record I was going for, but it's certainly fired me up to get back in the game this year!  On a brighter note, I did complete 45 out of 50 books this year...with about 6 others that I am currently half way through as of this moment !  Here's the list of the books I did finish...

1.) Friendship for Grown-ups (Lisa Whelchel)
2.) Lessons from San Quentin (Bill Davis)
3.) The Noticer (Andy Andrews)
4.) City on our Knees (Toby Mac)
5.) Messy Spirituality (Mike Yaconelli)
6.) The Hole in our Gospel (richard Stearn)
7.) Tattoos on the Heart (Greg Boyle)
8.) The Christian Atheist (Craigh Groschel)
9.) Follow me to Freedom (Shaine Claiborne)
10.) Under the overpass (Mike Yakowski)
11.)The Cross and the Switchblade (David Wilkerson)
12.) O me of Little Faith (Jason Boyett)
13.) Evolving in Monkeytown (Rachel Evans)
14.) Stuff Christians Like (john Accuff)
15.) unconditional (Brain Zahand)
16.) Gollywhopper Games (Jody Felman)
17.) Dying to meet you (Kate Klise)
18.) Weird (Craigh Groschel)
19.)Reasons for God (Timothy Keller)
20.) Is God a moral Monster (Paul Conan)
21.) Radicial Together (David Platt)
22.) The Reign of Grace (Scotty Smith)
23.) Herbert's wormhole (Peter Nelson)
24.) Over my Dead Body (Kate Klise)
25.) Judy Moody and the Not bummer Summer (Megan MacDonald)
26.) Stolen Children (Peg Kehert)
27.) Traveling Mercies (Anne Lamott)
28.) An Angel From Hell (Ryan Conklin)
29.) When You reach me (Rebecca Stead)
30.) Lemoade Wars (Jaqueline Davies)
31.) The Problem with the Puddles (Kate Feiffer)
32.) Middle School the worst years of my life (James Patterson)
33.) Dear Mr. Henshaw (Beverly Cleary)
34.) Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not reading (Tommy Greenwald)
35.) Prodigal God (Timothy Keller)
36.) Not a Fan (Kyle Ingelman)
37.) Kisses from Katie (Katie Davis)
38.) Starving Jesus (Craig Gross)
39.) Revolution in World Missions (KP Yohannan)
40.) Safe People (Henry Cloud)
41.) Imaginary Jesus (Matt Mikalatos
42.) Stumbling into Grace (Lisa Harper)
43.) Beautiful Outlaw (John Eldredge)
44.)  Because of Mr. Terupt (Rob Buyea)
45.) My life as a book (Janet Tashjian)

  For 2012 my two main goals are to write 52 letters/notes to the people in my life (basically one a week) and to get back into shape (along with half of america). I have lots of other little goals as well, but for now that's all I'm going to share.  I'm quite excited about this new year and all that it holds...I hope you are too!

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