Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cause at Times it Feels Like There Are No Words...

So I was up past midnight last night trying to write out some thank you cards to all the people who supported my recent trip to Ecuador.  I didn't get very far.  In fact the more I tried to write the more frustrated I became... because....there are no words.  I mean how do you explain how utterly thankful you are for the chance to see a smile, or hear a giggle, or hold a little one while she sleeps, when all of that seems so simple... and yet it is so deeply profound to you because you know that in that smile was the face of God, in that giggle was His voice, and while holding that sleeping child you sensed the hands of God holding you.  Things like that....they don't translate well into mere words....and so I couldn't write....I just prayed...

   God bless the children...all of the them....from the littlest whose to small to understand my words, to the oldest whose to "mature" to want to hear them.  Protect their hearts lord.  Guide their minds.  Draw them close to you so that one day they will know you as Lord.  Help them father to understand love.  To feel the prayers of those of us who have come but could not stay.  Allow them to sense you are there even if they can't see you in our faces.  Provide for their every need.  Let your light shine in their darkness I pray. Amen.

...and then… once again… I was reminded that it's not about's all about God.  He loves those children more than I can or ever will and He was gracious enough to allow me to be a small part of what He is doing in their lives.  I am humbled and completely grateful for this opportunity.  How could I not shout it from the roof tops and share with everyone as they ask (and sometimes even when they don’t)?!?  I may not always find the words, my heart may not completely come across in what’s written in a card, but my life is forever changed from that one week…and day in and out I can show it by how I live!  So to all of you who have supported me in this journey and/or will support me in the future….please know….God is moving… I hope you see that...may my life be my testimony!


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