Thursday, January 7, 2010

One of these days it was bound to happen....

Hey there! So quick note from me tonight because I really need to head to bed (I have to work in the morning and it’s getting late), but I was quite proud of myself so I wanted to share something I did today. So in my mind I am a great cook…I picture myself on stage cooking with the greats like bobby flay and Curtis stone (although as you can see although I enjoy cooking my knowledge of actual chefs is limited)…concocting some amazing meal out of scratch that wows the world. In reality though I can make some decent eggs and a few varieties of prepared chicken breast but that is about it….that is until tonight!

So I had the day off from work today and so I planned all day to make dinner. I wanted to make something healthy but tasteful and I wanted to be able to actually make it correctly. I ended up googling a recipe for turkey burgers online this morning though and since I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted I just decided to fudge it and come up with something of my own based on a memory of something I once saw on Rachel ray (years ago my BIL use to watch Rachel Ray every night and I use to comment on how funny I thought it was…who knew something from that show would someday be useful to me).

Well after the morning relaxing at Fivebucks (affectionately named that cause it costs you an arm and a leg to have anything other than coffee there) I headed to the grocery store to pick up my ingredients, then I did some prep work and after some time to relax I spent another 30 minutes in the kitchen creating this beauty (see pic to right)!!!

That would be a homemade garden salad filled with red leaf lettuce, snap peas, tomato, strawberry and parmesan cheese and topped with balsamic vinaigrette. Then you have a homemade turkey burger with feta cheese, tomato and garlic mixed in and then topped with lettuce and two slices of turkey bacon and all on lightly toasted piece of wheat bread (a sandwich totaling about 360 calories) and on the side we have homemade sweet potatoes fries lightly seasoned with garlic, pepper, and sea salt!

So all together the meal ended up being about 710 calories but since I missed lunch (I know horrible but by the time I got home and prepped the food, then put on laundry, cleaned the kitchen and cleaned two bathrooms it was already an hour before dinner so I just figured I might as well wait) I wasn’t too upset about such a high calorie dinner. Plus….and here’s the best part… it was actually really tasty!!! Go me (hee hee…yes I am self bragging here).

Anyway that’s a bit of a triumph for me and since I don’t want this blog to just be about working out and my emotional side (cause let’s face it I do a lot of…let’s just say venting…on here) I figured this would be the perfect thing to share!


Well so much for being short….but PS… my mom had surgery tonight to remove some nodules in her neck and her thyroid. She made it though surgery and is fine but they told her tonight that some of the nodules look suspicious so they are sending them off to be tested. Now considering we are now just coming up on the one year anniversary of my BIL’s passing from cancer in his NECK…we are all a little on edge…so prayers would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. You made me hungry with your picture. The dinner sounded awesome great job!!!
    I will remember your mom and your family in my prayers, let me know how it all goes.