Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week two gut check...

So I don’t know what happened last week….actually I do. I was so gung-ho about my first weeks weigh in that I think I pretty much let it go to my head and started thinking that I didn’t need to work as hard or watch my calories as much and wouldn’t you know it, I stepped on the scale Friday morning having gained two pounds (ugh)! Well that pretty much sucked, but it was also the gut check I really needed to remind myself that weight loss isn’t an all or nothing thing. You don’t burn yourself out in the first week if it’s not going to be sustainable for the next week and you don’t think that just because you lost weight the first week means you can slack the next. Ultimately this is about life…and that’s no way to live. So this week it’s been all about getting back on track in terms of creating a healthy lifestyle that will work in my every day, day to day operations. And guess what? As of this morning I was already down three pounds which means I am inching ever so closely back to being under 200lbs and I’ve also lost the weight I gained last week plus another pound bringing me to my lowest weight in over six months…whoo hoo! Only a few more days to weigh end so it’s no time to get cocky now…but it’s nice to know I am heading back in the right direction!!!


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