Monday, August 16, 2010

Turn that Frown Upside down....

  So the plan today was to get off of work...come home...make dinner...and then get in my workout.  Instead, after a not so great day I came home feeling kinda depressed and figured staying home would probably result in my just sitting on the couch eating crap and not working I got in my car and headed to the track for a nice, easy two mile jog (I'm following a 10k training program and I'm feeling pretty lucky that the first week or so, short runs are less than what I normally run). 

 Minus the fact that the track was pretty busy tonite (a night when I just wanted to be alone) and the pop warren football teams were practicing in the field right next to the track so the breeze carried the distinct smell of sweat (who knew it could smell like a gym outside), I actually was feeling a little better by the time I was done (thank God for endorphins!).  Infact I felt so good that I decided to come home and try out another new work out on exercise TV.  Tonite it was 10lb slim down upper body with Chris Freytag...and in the words of those cheesy 80's work out videos, I could seriously "feel the burn"!

  After that it was getting pretty late so I decided to make some dinner and pretty much got into all out cooking mode.  I ended up making baked cod fish with tomato and basil on top, with a side of blanched broccoli and another side of steamed spinach with mushrooms and feta cheese on top.  It was so YUMMY (see the picture to the right...although it certainly doesn't give the dish enough justice)! 

And that my friends is how you turn a craptastic day into fantastic one!

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