Sunday, August 29, 2010

Old Wethersfield 5k...

So today my sister and I did another race together and it was honestly really nice that it got to be just the two of us! After our last race all my sister could do was talk about how she wanted to beat 40 minutes for her 5k time. She had only beat her previous 5k time by 3 seconds during the last race and so over the past six weeks or so we have been meeting at least twice a week at the track to run together (my way of training her for the race today). I could have told you a week ago that she was more than ready for this race (although I am not sure that she was truly convinced until last night), but I hadn’t realized how all this training work I was doing with her had really helped me get back in running form. Today I felt great during the race…and it was the first time in almost six months where I felt ready to take on longer races again (which I must say is perfect timing with the Hartford Marathon Relay Coming up fast)! Isn’t it funny though that in helping someone else gain their confidence I also gained back some of my own!

We ended up running today’s race in intervals of 3 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking (which is about the time it takes us to run around the track once followed by walking half the track…..the way I trained her). Turns out even with the run/walk intervals, we smashed her old PR (personal record) for a 5k by over 2:30 minutes!!!

To my big sis…I’ve said it once and I’ll probably continue to say it again and again….You did AWESOME today and I am so PROUD of you!

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