Thursday, December 13, 2012

How it Feels to be Comfortable Outside of my Box...

Sometimes I look at myself
And I wonder...
Can God really use me?

I don't mean to sound pitiful.
I am quite a blessed person.
I just...
don't seem to be one of THOSE people.
You know...
the Kind that 
Everyone likes
and who can do

non detail oriented.

make mistakes
make a mess of things
embarrass myself
disappoint others
fall down 
more than I care to admit.


I have days like today...
Where I'm surrounded by kids...
completely out of my element...
yet totally comfortable...
Not over thinking anything..
just able to step out of my own box and do.

And I think...
THIS is why I was created.

It's moments like THIS where I see God
I feel Him
I know Him
I'm lost in Him 
I'm used by Him

And I know...
THIS is how it's suppose to be!
THIS is how I honor HIM!
THIS is my worship!

Its a moment where I'm not living for me...
But living for God and God alone.

It's experiencing heaven on earth.

And so I Thank you God for these opportunities...
For moments that stretch me...
For chances to grow more into your likeness...
And for experiences that point me to you.

Thank you for showing me once again that..
it is in you that I am complete!



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