Sunday, December 30, 2012

How Will I ever Learn?!?!...

So one constant theme that seems to be running 
in and out of every moment of my life
is that of learning to LOVE people despite
how I feel
how they've treated me
how circumstances dictate.

It's a hard lesson.
and I feel like I am struggling with it a lot.

Not that I don't want to love people
I do
And I pray continually
for God to help me do so...
I'm only good 
at loving people
when it's easy.

The other day I had a particularly bad day
I was sitting in my car crying and praying
and asking God
"Why is it that the people who need love the most
are also the people who are hardest to love"?!?!

And for a brief moment
It felt like the veil was lifted
and I was able to see
what life is REALLY about
and suddenly everything made sense.

I can turn the other cheek
and forgive 70 times 7 times
Not because it's easy
Not because I'm so great
But because 
That's what's been offered to me
By God Himself.

We don't love people based on 
their words
their actions
or even
their attitudes.
As Christians

We love people
Because Christ Loved us.

We've been forgiven
and are fully and completely
loved and accepted by God
not because
we are perfect
say all the right things
or do all the right things

In fact
when we were at our worst
complete enemies of God
doing our own thing
That's when God's love reached out
and saved us.
Rescuing us from the pit of hell.

And it's out of that...
Looking to what He's done
and how He's set us free
We are able to then
Freely love others
not in our own strength
But by His.

So...Why do I always seem to forget this?
Why is it that day in and day out I need to be reminded
of what God's done for me and how that affects how I love others?
When will I learn to stop being the ungrateful servant
and instead freely give that which I have received?!?!

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